Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Encouraging Myself


You and your talents
Are not an accident.
You are special in God's eyes.
You have distinct gifts
And talents.
You have shoes to fill that
No one else can wear.
Inside you is enormous
Potential just waiting to be
Developed and put to use.
by-John Maxwell

Hope this will encourage someone today that may be down and feel discouraged,as we all do at times. Never Give Up !!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Never Too OLD To Learn

How many times have I heard and said that statement??MANY !!!Well, when it comes right down to yourself that is a different story. I barely know how to send and read my e-mails-- now my daughter is really wanting me to stretch my brain---but they say keeping your brain busy is helpful with preventing Alzheimers---so maybe she is trying to help me--ha!! So I guess I will learn how to do this --just do not know what to write--I have a very simple, plain, boring life.
One thing I do on a regular basis is spend, usually every Sat.(or as many as I can, depending on my work schedule) with my oldest sister(LaVoice).We have been doing this since her husband died a few years ago. Since she does not work, I have put her in the position of our Social Director---it is her job to find entertainment or places to go, and things for us to do. I think we have eaten in every restaurant and tea room in the Ft.Worth/Arlington area and most we will not be going back to --we have our favorites now--we had trouble finding ones we liked and I got worried for a while because I thought we might have to stay home and start cooking and that would be scary---I guess we can still boil water.(?) We do not do anything that is earth shaking but we enjoy being together and that is all that matters. Growing up I did not spend that much time with her since I was the baby and a "pest" --I guess--But now we are enjoying our time together--now she realizes how precious I am. HA!
Life is short and ours is getting shorter, so I treasure our times together. Our other sister, Joyce lives in Mississippi --- we have always been close and loved each other and been there for each other and we always will be---I love them dearly. What would we do without family?
Well, until the next brain storm--have a good day and enjoy life, it does not last long.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Test Post

This is a test post to check colors.