Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blue Monday: Monday's Medicine

This is my first Blue Monday post, and I am excited to participate. Smiling Sally host Blue Monday on her blog, be sure to visit all the Blue Monday participants today and see all the blue on display.

There is a saying on the negative side about BLUE MONDAY but I think we can look at it on a POSITIVE side and say YES we have another chance this week to do better than last week---last week is never to return so forget it.

Image by Aalo Killz

There is another saying "A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing." Prov.17:22 (amp.)

Image by rmcahalan

So this Monday I want to put a smile on your face to start the week with a laugh--it will be good medicine. Since May is the month for Mother's Day I want to give you a sample of what some 2nd grade children had to say about mothers.

1. She's the only one who knows where the scotch tape is.
2. Mostly to clean the house.
3. To help us out of there when we were getting born.

1.On the inside she's already perfect. Outside
I think some kind of plastic surgery.
2. Diet. You know, her hair---I'd diet, maybe BLUE.

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Kids really have great imaginations and just tell it the way they see it.

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So have a HAPPY week, put some laughter in and wash away your blue feelings. I hope you enjoyed my Blue Monday post...Have a great week!


Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Happy Blue Monday ~ Susan

Coloradolady said...

Nice pictures to go with your Blue Monday Post!!!
I need the smiling sunshine to shine this week and chase away the old rain clouds...I like the sunny days myself! Very nice post....Happy Blue Monday

Mrs. B. Silly said...

We all need to chase away the blues every now and then and your post surly will do it.
Happy Blue Monday!

Fifi Flowers said...

I've never seen blue bleeding hearts... BEAUTIFUL!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Thanks for stopping by my "extra" blog, and for leaving such a kind note. Welcome to Blogville! Love those quotes from the children. You had me laughing. laurie

tales from an oc cottage said...

Welcome to Blue Monday! Glad you decided to join in !!!

m ^..^

Crystal said...

Thanks for making my "Blue Monday" a positive one! Blue hair...just like a kid. Glad you have joined in blogging. I think you will find it a nice little respite. I love bleeding hearts, but I've never seen a blue one...that is gorgeous! Crystal

Smilingsal said...

Good job posting on your 1st Blue Monday. Thanks for sharing.

Candy said...

Welcome and thanks for stopping by RockCandy.
You have a nice showing of blue today and happy thoughts for mom.
Happy Blue,

Danica said...

Happy blue Monday!

Knitty said...

What a great post! I like your attitude.

Valerie said...

Hi Patsy. Welcome to Blue Monday; loved your creative post. I taught 3rd grade before staying at home with my little ones and they really do come up with some doozies!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a commment. Blessings to you from Kansas,

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Patsy,
Thanks for stopping by. Your post was very creative and I enjoyed reading it. Welcome to Blue Monday and I hope you have a wonderful day.


susan said...

You are SOOO right. Attitude is everything! my daughter teaches kindergarten and the stories are pricless and endless!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Patsy, wonderful pictures.

Happy Blue Monday.


Boo-Bah said...

Wow! Your Blue Monday Post is so creative. It surely did put a smile on my face.


JD said...

Great "Blue" monday post. I needed the "Cheering" up after all the RAIN we have been having in my area. Thank you for stopping by my blog...(You have a lovely blog)

ellen b said...

Good to meet you Patsy! Love your blues and the answers those kids gave :0)
Have a lovely NEW day and week!!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Beautiful blues today. Those kid sayings really crack me up. Happy blue Monday.

Yira said...

I love your are so funny..Keep up the good work.

Nicole said...

Very motivating :D
Since I worked most weekends, I never really knew the Monday Blues anyway :)

Re blog comment and traveling:
I love to travel as well. But sometimes, like right now, I'm glad I can stay "home" and don't have to hassle.
It's the first time in ages that I had all 4 seasons in ONE place in YEARS :)

Have a great week!

Becky K. said...

A great first Blue Monday Post.

Thanks for the smiles.

KayC. said...

A great first Blue Monday! Hope to see you next week...and have a great week also!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Wonderful Blue Monday post! Isn't it funny what kids say?!?!

Angelic Accents

Anonymous said...

Great Blue Monday post, Patsy. Looks like you're off and running at this blogging stuff. I'll bet you've already realized how addictive it is. lol

Karen said...

Wow. I loved all of your posts. They are so uplifting. Love the kids' comments! Keep the great posts coming.

Hank - Joyce said...

Very nice Patsy - if the rain would go away, but you keep sending it to us - just kidding. Love ya!!!!!!!!!

Barb said...

That was a very good post.
Aren't kids great!!

Blue hair huh?
I'm not sure at 60 i am ready for that. Maybe when i am 90. =0)

barbara jean

LV said...

I am not medicine taker, but sure could use a big dose of this. Somedays, we just need a bigger spoon full.

Clif said...

You said you hope we like your Blue Monday post. I loved it!! Wonderful. I'm smiling. It's Tuesday but I'm smiling.

Kinzie Sue said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog- looks like you've got a great blog yourself! Happy Blue Monday!